Its a rainy day today so i decided to start working with my Haccp documents. Its a bit different in Japan comparing to Eu i actually dont need it 🙂 But… i was thinking if i have it they would be happy and the inspector will be pleased that i am serious. So 5 hrs later and 44 pages later here it is.  And in Swedish so Miho you will be the translator if they want to know what it it says.


After that i needed some inspiration so i did a deep dive in this lovely book, and i have goat milk in coming maybe … then it will be chevre in my kitchen.




The work with the Restaurant continues and my farming is going good. Yesterday a new trading partner came by with some red potatoes that i happily accepted. I will give you some pictures of my garden and the progress. The red potatoes is the one from the trading, then we have my first strawberry i have an idea about starting “självplock” here but that will be my next project. I have Kiwi, dill, fig, rhubarb, lettuce, loads of tomatoes,my first grape keeping my fingers crossed it will work, pine tree wood i will make benches of them to sit outside the restaurant and the last picture is loads of different herbs i need for my cooking.  All this were planted in January 2016 so the growing speed is tremendous.


Trading times


One of my best trading partners came by today and i offered her some cinnamon buns, knäckebröd and marmalade made of lemon and orange. She accepted and this was what i got in return 🙂  we had a coffee and a little chat about farming and seeds. Ohh i need to tell you she is 85 years young but her knees is a bit old she says…
I love this Island and the people on it

Its time for some update :)

It has been a bizzi time for me so i haven’t had the time to telling you all how my Restaurang is doing. But i am doing good, i found several suppliers for Småkaka. And i went to Naha on a course in how to run a Restaurant in Japan after that i got my license. Next step is to get the Restaurant approved and this week i had a visit from the Health department and i need to adjust a few things . So if everything goes my way i guess i will have the grand opening at middle of april 🙂
To do list

Finish the counter
Look at a goat, i might be able to buy it
Build 2 benches of the pine tree wood i found (pictures will come)
Fix my well so i can get water to my minifarm.

Well that’s about it and i will try to update a bit more…

And some more pictures over Kumejima



Concrete all over the place

The guest toilet is starting to take shape , today was a concrete car and deliver concrete for walls and ceiling to the toilet. Tomorrow, the carpenter will come and lay floors and build a counter .
It seems that it is about two weeks to go before everything is completed.

The best thing is that i found a meat supplier on the island so i ordered some brisket for friday and i will see how the quality will be. 
I will smoke it and also make some long baked steaks in the oven. Maybe some barbeque and pulled cow i will get back with some pictures i hope it will be good meat.  2016-02-10 18.11.14

And some beautiful pictures from Kumejima as a contrast to the toilet picture...  from my friend Tommy. 


Cards in da House

Yesterday was a day that consisted of great success , thanks to Oliver came here , we managed to do 6 of 6 tasks. First we went to Kumejima City Hall began to register as a resident of the island . I am now written in Japan and my new personal numbers will come next week .
I got a new card, now we're up to two, the next task was to sign up for insurance , it went great I paid 2200 yen (about 170 sec ) and got another card . And now I only pay 30 % if I am ill and need medical attention. I also got a bonus card that Kumejima Hall distributes to those Islanders . This gives me discounts on air travel and ferry, now I have four new cards ...
The next task was to register my company on Kume , it took 10 minutes and one paper very smoothly. Now Småkaka Cafe is a company and I need two more parts before I can open . One is to finish building the restaurant and toilet. The second is to attend an information meeting of the environment and health . It gives me license to serve liquor, and all sorts of food . It is approaching the end of the preparation and looks very bright 🙂 The last thing we did was to create a bank account for me , I got another card and a bank book, in Japan they still use bankbooks interesting.
2016-02-06 08.20.13-1


Okinawa and back

I took the flight to Okinawa , and 30 minutes later I landed . The Japanese Migration Board 4.5 hours later I got my Residence Card 🙂 Down to the 2nd floor at legal department , unfortunately, I failed to make myself understood . The road to the monorail and taxi to the tax office was the next step. Where I managed to fill in an application for the single person company success… Two of the three tasks completed and the flight home went well a very good day.

2016-02-01 11.00.11 (2)

New year and a lot more

A month has passed and I've had great fun , celebrated the New Year in Hokkaido went skiing in an incredibly snowy Niseko . Now I am on location in Kume and seriousness has begun.
Visas for running a business came in last week and tomorrow I will go to the immigration office and get it in my passport. I'm so happy now is the hardest part done .

2 Days left

Well time flies fast when you have fun, and my christmas were fun and packing my 2 suitcases is also fun 🙂
Imagine packing your life in 2×23 kg it’s a bit of mental training and planning. But i hope i manage to get the most important.
So the day has come when i move to Japan it will be such an adventure and i love it.
But first i will celebrate my new year in Hokkaido and testing the japanese snow with my brother and family. And the New Year’s dinner will be in my sons wife’s family, traditional Japanese New Year. So in one week i will go from Sweden to the top of Japan and then to the bottom 🙂


Leaving Sweden soon



26 more days then i will be here and hopefully i can start working with my restaurant.
My paper is still at the migration office in Japan iam waiting for a decision and hopefully i will have a yes or no before december ends keeping my fingers crossed…