Time flies by fast when you have fun

A year has passed and I have had enormous fun, met lots of interesting people and learned so many new things. I have made Swedish cuisine inspired by local produce and collaborated with local producers.Now it’s time for me to go to Sweden and celebrate Christmas and New Year with my children.

I will fill my suitcases with Swedish flavors and when Småkaka open again in February it will be served many new dishes.
I will also plan for next year I have been asked if I want to sell a product of Småkaka in one of Japan’s major convenience stores. And I think it sounds exciting.I also have plans to start cooking courses that are Swedish-inspired, it has been a great demand and I am eager to spread the Swedish food culture. That means I need a new logo for the Småkaka cookery course, time to start working Lennart Edberg :).

Yesterday I completed a two-day TV recording and sadly can not appear in the Okinawa area but the rest of Japan can see the program. I look forward to this program, it was more about me as a person than Småkaka and we’ll see what it can lead to.
I want to thank all who have been a part of my first year with Småkaka without you it would never happens. My guests have created a very special atmosphere at Småkaka and made it what it is.
It is not the things you do in life that makes your life interesting , its actually all the people you meet and communicate with that makes it so interesting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


When Real life takes over

Wow such a interesting time it has been since last update, and as i wrote in the header Real Life has been taking over my Internet time 🙂
Well what has happens since last time?

All this 

5 More intervju with newspaper and magazine (Japanese)
2 Swedish intervjus
A big catering for Okinawa Turist workers
4 Event were i have been selling cinnamon roll and cookies
A giant tyfon that was almost destroying all my crops
Last but not least 2 Television program has been produced at Småkaka, iam very surprised and ofc happy over all this interest in my Restaurant. And that makes me inspired to go on with a bit more developing of my trademark and company Småkaka. So i have been thinking about having cooking classes. A lot of my guests are asking for that. And also i have been thinking about start writing a book about Småkaka and my way to were iam now.
I have almost been here for 1 year now and its time to visit Sweden, i have sold my flat in Sweden but ill keep my house (on another Island)
So Christmas time will be packing boxes and move my stuff to my house.
I will be back in Kumejima in februari and my supply storage will be overfilled with Swedish godsaker.
During this time on Kumejima i have meet so many interesting people and that gives me so much inspiration. I want to mention a very interesting company that i hope i can do some work with in the future. And that is Re-Land take a look at there Fb page.

That is all for now and i will give you some pictures of this bizzi time, and i will try to do some more update in near future.

First timers

I have been thinking a lot about why i am so happy even though i am overloaded with work. And i come to the conclusion that it all depends on that i am the person who introduce “this is the first time i eat this”
I think that the feeling i have when i give someone something to eat for the first time and look at there faces will there be a yes or no…
That feeling is hard to beat, and lucky for me its is 99% YES so good, so interesting, so Oishi (Delicious)
The first timer i had on my menu so far has been Deer and Herring, next week it will be Lamb and Cous Cous 🙂
So my belief is that the greatest gift you can have is to cook for other and make them happy, that is something that make me happy.
And this Saturday i had a lunch session for a private group and they all seemed very happy and “mätta och belåtna”
I also had time to talk about Sweden , play some ABBA and showing pictures from the Swedish archipelago.IMG_0061
Its been a bizzi time for me but we did some great improvement in communication, we now have a Facebook page Småkaka Facebook
And last but not least i have a space for a goat, pig and maybe a cow 🙂
So my next project is to go on an animal market and buy Karin, Jimmy and Lars


Subtropical climat :)

Its very interesting to have this climate, i was talking to Keiko about my desire of red beats i need it for a lot of Swedish dishes and she said . I might have a friend that groves them. And yes she had… And the size well look for your self.


And i also had the luck to get in contact with a person who pick some berries that i dont know the name of, but they taste lovely and  I am gonna make some ice cream of them. And imagine my surprised face when he also gave me some Chanterelles :0  he said he has a secret spot in the mountain.
I had some time to fix in my own garden so i ordered material for a greenhouse and i hope i will have time tomorrow and put it up. My asparagus has grown 20 cm in 2 weeks… And then my latest happiness is my 3 passion fruits, they will be ready in 43 days says my neighbor and i trust him 🙂


Its all about networking

Tomorrow i will serve cod from Hokkaido 🙂  I am so happy to get my hands on some cold water fish. And even more happy that Keiko manage to find Herring for me also Hokkaido. So tomorrow almost all my seats are already reserved.

Yesterday i spend the day with two wonderful people Miho and Kiku san. We went to the ocean to pick mozuku an kind of seaweed its season for that now. Usually Japanese people make a kind of salad marinated with vinegar, but i am gonna try to put it in bread.

Ohh and one more thing a wild cat decided to have kittens in my house of happiness, so also the animals feel the good spirit in this house 🙂

Sold out

That is the theme for today, so many people that wanted to sit on my 6 chairs. We had a bizzi day but so fun and i feel so welcome to Kumejima. Loads of people came by with a gift for my grand opening. Thank you everyone for all the flowers and gifts.


And all my 250 cookies were sold out , my cinnamon bun were sold out so tonight i am in baking mode. But tomorrow we are ready again lets hope the success will continue.


Final countdown

Today it was a day of great success, i had the inspector for my license to serve food in my restaurant here and …
It was a pleasure to show her all the stuff we fixed, a big tnx to Keiko and Miho. And the only thing i needed to add was and outside thermometer for my fridge then i’m good to go. She was super impressed over my HACCP 🙂
And as an extra bonus Miho arrived today and had so nice gifts with her as i will use for Småkaka.
So summan av kardemumman is that i will have a pre opening on friday, and an official on Tuesday next week.
I’m so happy all the hours i put in is paying off and now we will see how the nordic food will turn out in Kumejima


Its a rainy day today so i decided to start working with my Haccp documents. Its a bit different in Japan comparing to Eu i actually dont need it 🙂 But… i was thinking if i have it they would be happy and the inspector will be pleased that i am serious. So 5 hrs later and 44 pages later here it is.  And in Swedish so Miho you will be the translator if they want to know what it it says.


After that i needed some inspiration so i did a deep dive in this lovely book, and i have goat milk in coming maybe … then it will be chevre in my kitchen.



The work with the Restaurant continues and my farming is going good. Yesterday a new trading partner came by with some red potatoes that i happily accepted. I will give you some pictures of my garden and the progress. The red potatoes is the one from the trading, then we have my first strawberry i have an idea about starting “självplock” here but that will be my next project. I have Kiwi, dill, fig, rhubarb, lettuce, loads of tomatoes,my first grape keeping my fingers crossed it will work, pine tree wood i will make benches of them to sit outside the restaurant and the last picture is loads of different herbs i need for my cooking.  All this were planted in January 2016 so the growing speed is tremendous.


Trading times


One of my best trading partners came by today and i offered her some cinnamon buns, knäckebröd and marmalade made of lemon and orange. She accepted and this was what i got in return 🙂  we had a coffee and a little chat about farming and seeds. Ohh i need to tell you she is 85 years young but her knees is a bit old she says…
I love this Island and the people on it