Expanding my business

It has been two hectic months, a lot of new ideas and inspiration from the tourist office. I have expanded my business area and can now easily say that I am also B & B. Approved supplier of room rental according to Japanese rules and regulations. Succeeded with this despite being unable to speak Japanese, I’m surprised that I was approved 🙂
Now I have a Restaurant and a room for rent, and I am running cooking events once a month. As well as being a host family for high school students. I had three wonderful girls living with me for three days.
My origin plan to move here was to chill and enjoy the ocean and the climate, meet people find new inspirations in life. So far, I agree with the plan, but if I’m going to work on a bit more, I need to find a partner 🙂
It’s hard to slow it down when it’s so insanely fun.
I was also invited to be a Kimono Model for Kumejima Tsumugi, here the white picture is with the talent female who made my Kimono, she used mud to color the silk tread and all in all it took about 3 months to make it. She is very fast they told me.
The pictures are from sugar cane harvest, cooking event, Kimono show, three girls i hosted and lovely days at the beach.
February and March is nice months not to warm and the water was about 22C today