Another year of happiness

About me and how I think

I love courageous people with both the ability and the passion to enjoy themselves, who are undoubtedly attracted by taste combinations they never thought of, and who are curious to take themselves out of their own comfort zone to experience something new. And during 2017 i have meet so many people who dare to try and experience the food on Småkaka.


How I put my personal work into Småkaka

At Småkaka we combine Swedish flavors with local Okinawan produce. Since cooking takes time, we create and try new dishes, always focusing on our quality.  The journey from land to table is important to us and we want to use the Earth’s resources in a smart way.

These are our core values and this is how we work at Småkaka.
I hope i will have a great year coming ahead, and i have some ideas about increase my business. Maybe i will have a companion who can inspire me and give me input from another culture. We will see what 2018 has to offer and i am really exited  to start this new year.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and welcome 15 January 2018 when Småkaka is open again after holiday.

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