Time flies by fast when you have fun

A year has passed and I have had enormous fun, met lots of interesting people and learned so many new things. I have made Swedish cuisine inspired by local produce and collaborated with local producers.Now it’s time for me to go to Sweden and celebrate Christmas and New Year with my children.

I will fill my suitcases with Swedish flavors and when Småkaka open again in February it will be served many new dishes.
I will also plan for next year I have been asked if I want to sell a product of Småkaka in one of Japan’s major convenience stores. And I think it sounds exciting.I also have plans to start cooking courses that are Swedish-inspired, it has been a great demand and I am eager to spread the Swedish food culture. That means I need a new logo for the Småkaka cookery course, time to start working Lennart Edberg :).

Yesterday I completed a two-day TV recording and sadly can not appear in the Okinawa area but the rest of Japan can see the program. I look forward to this program, it was more about me as a person than Småkaka and we’ll see what it can lead to.
I want to thank all who have been a part of my first year with Småkaka without you it would never happens. My guests have created a very special atmosphere at Småkaka and made it what it is.
It is not the things you do in life that makes your life interesting , its actually all the people you meet and communicate with that makes it so interesting.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year