When Real life takes over

Wow such a interesting time it has been since last update, and as i wrote in the header Real Life has been taking over my Internet time 🙂
Well what has happens since last time?

All this 

5 More intervju with newspaper and magazine (Japanese)
2 Swedish intervjus
A big catering for Okinawa Turist workers
4 Event were i have been selling cinnamon roll and cookies
A giant tyfon that was almost destroying all my crops
Last but not least 2 Television program has been produced at Småkaka, iam very surprised and ofc happy over all this interest in my Restaurant. And that makes me inspired to go on with a bit more developing of my trademark and company Småkaka. So i have been thinking about having cooking classes. A lot of my guests are asking for that. And also i have been thinking about start writing a book about Småkaka and my way to were iam now.
I have almost been here for 1 year now and its time to visit Sweden, i have sold my flat in Sweden but ill keep my house (on another Island)
So Christmas time will be packing boxes and move my stuff to my house.
I will be back in Kumejima in februari and my supply storage will be overfilled with Swedish godsaker.
During this time on Kumejima i have meet so many interesting people and that gives me so much inspiration. I want to mention a very interesting company that i hope i can do some work with in the future. And that is Re-Land take a look at there Fb page.

That is all for now and i will give you some pictures of this bizzi time, and i will try to do some more update in near future.

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