First timers

I have been thinking a lot about why i am so happy even though i am overloaded with work. And i come to the conclusion that it all depends on that i am the person who introduce “this is the first time i eat this”
I think that the feeling i have when i give someone something to eat for the first time and look at there faces will there be a yes or no…
That feeling is hard to beat, and lucky for me its is 99% YES so good, so interesting, so Oishi (Delicious)
The first timer i had on my menu so far has been Deer and Herring, next week it will be Lamb and Cous Cous 🙂
So my belief is that the greatest gift you can have is to cook for other and make them happy, that is something that make me happy.
And this Saturday i had a lunch session for a private group and they all seemed very happy and “mätta och belåtna”
I also had time to talk about Sweden , play some ABBA and showing pictures from the Swedish archipelago.IMG_0061
Its been a bizzi time for me but we did some great improvement in communication, we now have a Facebook page Småkaka Facebook
And last but not least i have a space for a goat, pig and maybe a cow 🙂
So my next project is to go on an animal market and buy Karin, Jimmy and Lars


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