Subtropical climat :)

Its very interesting to have this climate, i was talking to Keiko about my desire of red beats i need it for a lot of Swedish dishes and she said . I might have a friend that groves them. And yes she had… And the size well look for your self.


And i also had the luck to get in contact with a person who pick some berries that i dont know the name of, but they taste lovely and  I am gonna make some ice cream of them. And imagine my surprised face when he also gave me some Chanterelles :0  he said he has a secret spot in the mountain.
I had some time to fix in my own garden so i ordered material for a greenhouse and i hope i will have time tomorrow and put it up. My asparagus has grown 20 cm in 2 weeks… And then my latest happiness is my 3 passion fruits, they will be ready in 43 days says my neighbor and i trust him 🙂