Trading times


One of my best trading partners came by today and i offered her some cinnamon buns, knäckebröd and marmalade made of lemon and orange. She accepted and this was what i got in return 🙂  we had a coffee and a little chat about farming and seeds. Ohh i need to tell you she is 85 years young but her knees is a bit old she says…
I love this Island and the people on it


Its time for some update :)

It has been a bizzi time for me so i haven’t had the time to telling you all how my Restaurang is doing. But i am doing good, i found several suppliers for Småkaka. And i went to Naha on a course in how to run a Restaurant in Japan after that i got my license. Next step is to get the Restaurant approved and this week i had a visit from the Health department and i need to adjust a few things . So if everything goes my way i guess i will have the grand opening at middle of april 🙂
To do list

Finish the counter
Look at a goat, i might be able to buy it
Build 2 benches of the pine tree wood i found (pictures will come)
Fix my well so i can get water to my minifarm.

Well that’s about it and i will try to update a bit more…

And some more pictures over Kumejima