Concrete all over the place

The guest toilet is starting to take shape , today was a concrete car and deliver concrete for walls and ceiling to the toilet. Tomorrow, the carpenter will come and lay floors and build a counter .
It seems that it is about two weeks to go before everything is completed.

The best thing is that i found a meat supplier on the island so i ordered some brisket for friday and i will see how the quality will be. 
I will smoke it and also make some long baked steaks in the oven. Maybe some barbeque and pulled cow i will get back with some pictures i hope it will be good meat.  2016-02-10 18.11.14

And some beautiful pictures from Kumejima as a contrast to the toilet picture...  from my friend Tommy. 


Cards in da House

Yesterday was a day that consisted of great success , thanks to Oliver came here , we managed to do 6 of 6 tasks. First we went to Kumejima City Hall began to register as a resident of the island . I am now written in Japan and my new personal numbers will come next week .
I got a new card, now we're up to two, the next task was to sign up for insurance , it went great I paid 2200 yen (about 170 sec ) and got another card . And now I only pay 30 % if I am ill and need medical attention. I also got a bonus card that Kumejima Hall distributes to those Islanders . This gives me discounts on air travel and ferry, now I have four new cards ...
The next task was to register my company on Kume , it took 10 minutes and one paper very smoothly. Now Småkaka Cafe is a company and I need two more parts before I can open . One is to finish building the restaurant and toilet. The second is to attend an information meeting of the environment and health . It gives me license to serve liquor, and all sorts of food . It is approaching the end of the preparation and looks very bright 🙂 The last thing we did was to create a bank account for me , I got another card and a bank book, in Japan they still use bankbooks interesting.
2016-02-06 08.20.13-1

Okinawa and back

I took the flight to Okinawa , and 30 minutes later I landed . The Japanese Migration Board 4.5 hours later I got my Residence Card 🙂 Down to the 2nd floor at legal department , unfortunately, I failed to make myself understood . The road to the monorail and taxi to the tax office was the next step. Where I managed to fill in an application for the single person company success… Two of the three tasks completed and the flight home went well a very good day.

2016-02-01 11.00.11 (2)