Handy handy men

And ofc i needed to get gas, electricity and water into my house. I was a bit worried about all that because in Sweden that will never work at the first try, and you need to fill in a lot of paper and then when the company have time to pop over they will. That pop over can be in one week time so i was prepared for the worst.But this is Japan so 🙂 this is how it works over here… Miho and i went to city hall talked to 1 person , pointed out my house on a map and voila here they come one after another. japan 2015 034 japan 2015 028

In less the an hour i had it all,gas, electricity and water such a efficiency. And at the same time a bunch of neighbors came by and said hello and welcome me to the Island. Tomodachi is the name in Japanese for friend and i had a lot of new Tomodachi these first days 🙂

japan 2015 025    japan 2015 037If you are surprised over the exceptional straight rows of my vegetables, i can tell you the truth it wasn’t me. It was Mihos mother who made that fantastic rows and planted everything , she is a professional and my skill for making straight rows is very limited. I really need to train on that. And these small trees is still standing after 3 tyfons so good planting Kimiyo Yoneta. And my neighbor that took care of the garden when i were  back in sweden thanks a lot 饒平名 たみ             japan 2015 070

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