Love at first sight

In march 2015 my first trip to Kume Island to actually look at the house i bought. And what could i say i love it, of course there was a big need of reparation and rebuilding. But i have been building houses before 🙂

2014-07-10 18.36.23

I was lucky my son Oliver and his wife Miho had time to join me and also an extra bonus Mihos parents had a week free. So we started to take down walls, floor roof and all the areas that was infested with termites. We bought wood and rebuild it room by room… hard and very fun work
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Then we had the garden or should i say lack of garden. Deep down there was something we know it. Miho`s dad got the earth usable again and my garden looked like a little farm.

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The weeks went on and all of a sudden 3 weeks were gone and my house was half done.
And today i applied for my Visa and from now i need to keep my fingers crossed until i get a yes or no.