Scanning the area for a nice house

I had decided , a house and a business That is what i would have in the Okinawa area .
Oliver and Miho began searching the market for houses for sale . And one day there it was , the house that I wanted 
on Kume Island. An island where I had not been , but it 
felt right . I did a Google walk and then I asked Oliver to buy the house . 
After some persuasion by the broker , he agreed to sell 
without that we had seen it . 
For me it was enough with a Google Walk  the house was perfect .
h-5928-4141003-0001-1-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-1-06-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-02-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-4-00-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-4-01-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-00-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-02-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-04-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-04-00

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