Handy handy men

And ofc i needed to get gas, electricity and water into my house. I was a bit worried about all that because in Sweden that will never work at the first try, and you need to fill in a lot of paper and then when the company have time to pop over they will. That pop over can be in one week time so i was prepared for the worst.But this is Japan so 🙂 this is how it works over here… Miho and i went to city hall talked to 1 person , pointed out my house on a map and voila here they come one after another. japan 2015 034 japan 2015 028

In less the an hour i had it all,gas, electricity and water such a efficiency. And at the same time a bunch of neighbors came by and said hello and welcome me to the Island. Tomodachi is the name in Japanese for friend and i had a lot of new Tomodachi these first days 🙂

japan 2015 025    japan 2015 037If you are surprised over the exceptional straight rows of my vegetables, i can tell you the truth it wasn’t me. It was Mihos mother who made that fantastic rows and planted everything , she is a professional and my skill for making straight rows is very limited. I really need to train on that. And these small trees is still standing after 3 tyfons so good planting Kimiyo Yoneta. And my neighbor that took care of the garden when i were  back in sweden thanks a lot 饒平名 たみ             japan 2015 070

Love at first sight

In march 2015 my first trip to Kume Island to actually look at the house i bought. And what could i say i love it, of course there was a big need of reparation and rebuilding. But i have been building houses before 🙂

2014-07-10 18.36.23

I was lucky my son Oliver and his wife Miho had time to join me and also an extra bonus Mihos parents had a week free. So we started to take down walls, floor roof and all the areas that was infested with termites. We bought wood and rebuild it room by room… hard and very fun work
japan 2015 208 japan 2015 206 japan 2015 205 japan 2015 203 japan 2015 202 japan 2015 201 japan 2015 199 japan 2015 197 japan 2015 196 japan 2015 195

Then we had the garden or should i say lack of garden. Deep down there was something we know it. Miho`s dad got the earth usable again and my garden looked like a little farm.

japan 2015 248 japan 2015 241 japan 2015 250japan 2015 030

The weeks went on and all of a sudden 3 weeks were gone and my house was half done.
And today i applied for my Visa and from now i need to keep my fingers crossed until i get a yes or no.


Scanning the area for a nice house

I had decided , a house and a business That is what i would have in the Okinawa area .
Oliver and Miho began searching the market for houses for sale . And one day there it was , the house that I wanted 
on Kume Island. An island where I had not been , but it 
felt right . I did a Google walk and then I asked Oliver to buy the house . 
After some persuasion by the broker , he agreed to sell 
without that we had seen it . 
For me it was enough with a Google Walk  the house was perfect .
h-5928-4141003-0001-1-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-1-06-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-02-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-4-00-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-4-01-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-00-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-02-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-03-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-5-04-00 h-5928-4141003-0001-3-04-00

A lovely day in august

A lovely day in August married my eldest son Oliver his Miho . I was honored to accompany them on their honeymoon . We were about 14 people from Sweden who went to an island in the Okinawa area . Zamami was the name of this amazing island . 
We spent a week there, snorkeled swam with the turtles and had absolutely fantastic time . When I left the island ,
 I had decided that i want to start a project in the Okinawa area .
A plan began to take shape 🙂


How it all began

Documentation of my desire to open a restaurant in Japan , Kume Island . It started with my son's wedding the summer of 2014 , I fell in love with the islands of southern Japan Okinawa and decided to open a restaurant on one of these islands.
A house was for sale on Kume Island and my journey began in January 2015
House for sale
House for sale